About us



About us


Fjellet Kaller specialise in guiding, courses and certification within skiing, avalanche know-how and climbing skills. We are based in Hemsedal, getting the most out of the local area’s magnificent nature. In addition to full-time employee Jørgen Aamot, Fjellet Kaller employ several part-time guides. These are professionals who are selected for their outdoor activity and mountaineering skills.


Our goal is for you to enjoy a valuable, safe and memorable mountain experience.


The company is owned and run by Jørgen Aamot, who is a qualified IFMGA mountain guide. An IFMGA licence is the highest professional qualification within mountaineering. You can read more about this qualification on Nortind’s web site, the association responsible for mountain guide training and qualifications in Norway.


Jørgen Aamot has more than 15 years of guiding experience in snow, mountain, ice and river activities, with skiing and avalanche skills being his area of specialisation. Jørgen’s previous work experience includes positions as a safety manager for Opplev Oppdal A/S, a mountaineering instructor at Hallingdal Folk High School and an industrial climber on oil platforms in the North Sea for Aak A/S. Jørgen also works closely with Haglöfs and K2 equipment manufacturers as a tester and analyst of their new products. 


Jørgen works also for the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), as an avalanche observer for the Hemsedal area. He submits reports twice a week to help assess the risk of avalanches in the Hemsedal mountain range. As of January 2013, NVE’s avalanche warning system will be made available to members of the public. The Norwegian avalanche forecast webpage can be visited by clicking here.


Jørgen has written articles and taken photographs for various magazines and newspapers. He has contributed articles for several ski guide books, including Skifører for Hurrungane, published by Norsk Tindeklubb and Ekspedisjonsboka published by Cappelen Damm. In 2012, Jørgen worked with Bjørn Kruse to write and publish Hemsedal Ice, a guide for ice climbing in the Hemsedal area.


Jørgen has travelled the world with his skiing and climbing equipment. Many of his accomplishments have been written about, including his endeavours skiing at 8000 metres above sea level in the Himalayas, his expedition to Laila Peak in Pakistan and his experience of back country skiing in Norway.


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Jørgen Aamot (foto: Christian Nerdrum)

Jørgen Aamot (foto: Chr. Nerdrum)